Pier Mauá Project


Projeto Pier Maravilha

Rio de Janeiro Port, place of entry of tourists from all over the world during the season cruises, and the main place of most relevant events in Brazil, is open for business.


We invite everyone to meet the “Pier Mauá” Project, which consists of opening part of the area that we manage for fixed location for the promotion of new culture, gastronomic, entertainment, leisure or technology businesses.

The main goal is to turn this area into a cultural and gastronomic center, open to the public and with access to the beautiful view of the Guanabara Bay.


If you have an enterprise along the lines mentioned above, check out our spaces, our special conditions and come to Pier Mauá! ; )

Projeto Pier Maravilha

Traga o seu empreendimento para o melhor local do Rio de Janeiro

Fale agora com um de nossos comerciais! ; )

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