(exclusively Brazilian routes)

Brazilian Adults: Valid identity card (RG) or any identification document with photo valid in the National Territory (CNH, CREA, OAB, CRM, CTPS etc.).

Brazilians under 18 years old: Valid identity card (RG)

Brazilians under 12 years old: Valid identity card (RG) or Birth Certificate

Foreigners: Valid RNE card or passport.


(Roadmap to the Mercosur countries)

Brazilians: National identity card (RG), issued by the Secretaria de Segurança Pública (Public Safety Department), original, in good condition, in green color, with a maximum of 10 (ten) years issued, or passport valid for at least 7 (seven) months before its expiration, given the requirements from the authorities of Argentina and Uruguay.

Foreigners living in Brazil: Indispensable a valid passport (consult visas) with immigration label (Brazil Entry Label) and original RNE card.

Foreigners non-resident in Brazil: Indispensable a valid passport (consult visas) with immigration label (Brazil Entry Label).

Under 18 years old: Boarding of guests under 18 years old, Brazilian or foreign, regularly in possession of the already mentioned documents, when they are traveling unaccompanied by either parent, is subject to the presentation of authorization from the absent legal guardian in writing and in 2 (two) copies, with the child’s photo and the notarized signature of the signatory. In the event that a parent is deceased, it will be necessary to present the original death certificate at the boarding.

Important: Will not be accepted copies of the documents, whether certified or not. Will also not be accepted identification documents valid only within the national territory, such as the former identity card of the state of Guanabara, of Niterói, driver license, professional identity cards, such as Judge, OAB, CRM, CREA, Military Cards and the like. Finally, the Birth Certificate will also not be accepted, even if the guest is a minor. It is emphasized that such requirements are from international authorities, not being authorized the boarding of guests who do not possess the proper documents required by foreign authorities, according to current legislation. Irregular boarding of guest for lack of proper documentation may result in the risk of detention in foreign countries and cruise interruption, as well as heavy penalties.

Attention – Guests traveling to Argentina with the Identity Card must complete the form below in 2 (two) copies:

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(outside the Mercosur routes)

1. Indispensable a valid passport for all countries in whose port the vessel calls at, valid for up to 7 (seven) months before its expiration.

2. In case of foreigners, it is mandatory the presentation of the original RNE card or immigration label and a valid passport with current visa. In cases of dual citizenship, the Brazilian passport is required for entry and exit in Brazil.

3. In case of persons under 18 years traveling unaccompanied by a parent, the presentation of the written consent is required, in 2 (two) copies, with the child’s picture and notarized signature of the absent legal guardian. If the minor is unaccompanied by both parents or Legal Representative, it is essential the Judicial Authorization specific to make the trip. In the event that a parent is deceased, it will be necessary to present the original death certificate at the boarding.

4. Most European countries only allow the entry of the guest that has health insurance, being the sole responsibility of the guest to make sure of the requirements of each country visited.

5. Minor boarding: in international trips, the minor holders of the new blue passport must present, in addition to the passport, the Identity Card (RG) or Birth Certificate, to prove parentage.

Documents, visas and vaccines: The possession of personal documents required to travel, such as identification document, valid passport, consular visas, authorization for minor to travel unaccompanied by a parent, vaccination records required in certain countries etc., are the sole responsibility of the guests. For more information, please refer to the Consulates or your Travel Agency.


All guests must ensure that they are in physical and mental conditions to travel. Anvisa provides guidance on vaccines required in each country. In some cases vaccines are recommended. In others, they are required.

    1. Resolution No. 131 of May 26th, 2011 – Provides for the granting of authorization to travel abroad of Brazilian children and adolescents, and revokes Resolution No. 74/2009 of the CNJ.
    2. MERCOSUR/GMC/RES. No. 31/08 – The Treaty of Asunción, the Ouro Preto Protocol, the Agreement on Travel Documents of the States Parties to the MERCOSUR and Associated States, and Resolution No. 75/96 of the Common Market Group.