Pier Maua

Come visit us and get to know where it all started

Located in the heart of Porto Maravilha, Pier Mauá covers an area of 40,000 m2. The concessionaire is in charge of managing the International Cruise Terminal in Rio de Janeiro, Touring Building, Mauá Space, in addition to 5 warehouses built in the 19th century, having 3,500 m2 each and an external space of 8,500 m2.


By the management of the International Rio Cruise Terminal, Pier Mauá is seven times winner of the World Travel Award in the category “Best Cruise Port in South America,” awarded by the prestigious publication Travel Week.


The main place of important events like the Rio +20, ArtRIO, Veste Rio, Rio Gastronomia, Brazil House in the Olympic Games 2016, among others, the place has already been consolidated as one of the most respected spaces for major events in the Wonderful City over the last 20 years.

With the whole renovation process, the region of the port of Rio recovered its brilliance and importance by becoming a fertile ground for the emergence of new enterprises. The first company to see this potential was Google, which chose Pier Mauá to host the biggest Youtube Space of Brazil, located in the Warehouse 1.


There is so much going on and all of a sudden we thought, why don’t we look for more partners with this profile? Why don’t we open more doors to new ideas? Why don’t we renovate our operation too and broaden our horizons and still fill LIFE in this region that was hidden for so long and after the Rio 2016 Olympics emerged again as a gift to the Carioca people and tourists? Why don’t we explore new possibility and let a new Pier Mauá be born?


Learn about our history and the project “Pier Mauá.”!